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Since 2015, Pillar Patient Advocates has been dedicated to easing the fear, overwhelm, and confusion that often accompany a diagnosis, along with the complexities of today’s healthcare system. We’re committed to restoring clarity and control to our clients by assisting with pre-approvals, bills, consent forms, and ensuring comprehension throughout appointments. Additionally, we’re proud to actively involve patient perspectives in market research to shape the future of healthcare.

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At Pillar Patient Advocates, we’re here to support your healthcare journey with personalized advocacy services and opportunities to shape the future of healthcare through market research. Whether you need guidance navigating the complexities of the healthcare system or want to contribute your insights to research studies, we’re dedicated to empowering you every step of the way.

I would like to speak with a patient advocate about my diagnosis, or select a patient advocacy package.
I would like to share my voice and join a market research study.
I would like Pillar Patient Advocates to recruit patients for my market research project.

Thank you for all your help and allowing us to refer our audience members. So far the feedback has been great and many of them would like to participate again in the future.

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