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Patient Advocacy

Patient advocacy refers to a range of activities and services designed to support and promote the interests and well-being of patients within the healthcare system.

This can involve individual support for patients and their families, as well as broader efforts to improve healthcare policies and practices. The core goal of patient advocacy is to ensure that patients’ rights are respected, their voices are heard, and they are able to navigate the often complex healthcare system more effectively. Patient Advocates may work within healthcare institutions, for non-profit organizations, or as independent consultants. Pillar Patient Advocates are independent advocates, offering services beyond the healthcare network of your physicians.

Key aspects of advocacy include:

  • Representation

    Advocates act on behalf of patients or their families, ensuring that their rights are protected and their wishes are communicated to healthcare providers.

  • Navigation

    We help patients understand their medical options, navigate the healthcare system, and access the best possible care. This includes explaining medical terminology, procedures, and treatment options.

  • Coordination

    Advocates assist in coordinating care among various healthcare providers, ensuring that treatment plans are followed and that care is cohesive and comprehensive.

  • Support

    We offer emotional and practical support to patients and families, providing a source of comfort and reassurance throughout the healthcare journey.

  • Mediation

    Patient advocates can mediate between the patient and healthcare providers or insurance companies, resolving conflicts and ensuring that the patient’s needs and preferences are addressed.

  • Patient Advocacy

    Some advocates work at the systemic level, striving to bring about changes in healthcare policies and practices to improve patient care and safety.

In essence, patient advocacy is about putting the patient first, ensuring they receive the care and respect they deserve, and helping them to overcome the barriers they may face within the healthcare system.

Thank you for including my husband in the virtual cancer study. It was so helpful to my husband to hear other men’s stories about their journey through their cancer problems. Thank you for all the work you are doing to help people fighting this disease.

Prostate Cancer Caregiver, 2022

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Advocacy Services & Pricing Packages

Pillar Patient Advocates aims to embody the principles and practices of patient advocacy through a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of patients navigating the healthcare system.

Supporting and championing the rights and well-being of patients within the healthcare system, our dedicated team of advocates works on behalf of patients, ensuring they receive top-notch care and have their voices heard. We provide personalized guidance, unwavering support, and valuable information to empower patients and their families to make informed decisions about their healthcare. With Pillar Patient Advocates by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the healthcare system with confidence and peace of mind.

Always kind, compassionate, and helpful. Not only does any funds from panels help out but you never know just what information may be the next big discovery.

Stage IV Breast Cancer Patient, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

Our patient advocate team is specially trained in many types of services. Below is a list of the most common requests, however, be sure to let us know of other assistance you may need.

  • Navigating the complex medical system
  • Understanding your diagnosis and what steps need to be taken
  • Identifying appropriate specialists
  • Attending appointments
  • Advocating for patients at bedside at a medical facility
  • Procuring needed resources
  • Appealing the denial of claims by insurance companies.
  • Organizing and reconciliation of medical billing and insurance statements
  • Identifying and resolving billing errors
  • Researching clinical trials in and outside of your healthcare facility
  • Organizing supportive services
Do you only serve NJ patients?

We can assist patients in-person in the New Jersey and parts of the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. We are happy to offer any services that we can remotely to patients elsewhere.

Do you accept health insurance for your services?

While professional organizations for private patient advocates are lobbying for coverage through major health insurance plans, we are currently unable to accept payment using this method. We do accept credit cards, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo and checks.

What will my doctor or medical team think about me having a patient advocate? Do I need to tell them I am using an advocate?

We are happy to connect with your health care providers to let them know we are all a part of the same team – a team that makes sure you receive optimal care. Medical professionals now realize an advocate contributes in a positive way to the overall health plan of a patient.

Hospitals and insurance companies offer complementary patient advocates. Why would one hire a private, independent advocate when we could use one of the hospitals or insurance company’s advocates?

The patient advocates that are employed by hospitals and insurance companies could offer you assistance, however, they will have to ultimately serve the interests of their employer. We are able to find and utilize services, providers, treatments or clinical trials outside of this network. By using Pillar Patient Advocates, you can be sure that we will be focused on you and your health care journey.

How do I know what services I need? Can you help me understand what kind of services would benefit me?

Our initial call will be to learn about your situation. We will then provide you with ways in which we can assist you and explain the importance of each service. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone outside of your personal circle of friends, family and health care team to help you understand the overall impact of your diagnosis or situation.

What are your requirements or qualifications for being an advocate at Pillar Patient Advocates?

While there are no current educational requirements for being a patient advocate, there is a board certification available. It is important to seek assistance from a Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA), which we have two on staff. We also have staff with experience in various backgrounds in healthcare who are able to assist.

Does my advocate need to be nearby, or can they be anywhere?

We will try our best to assist you in-person or remotely. Services such as accompanying you to a doctor’s appointment are typically only available in the New Jersey/New York/Philadelphia area. If you have an issue that can be solved remotely, we are happy to help.

If our services are remote, we find health care practitioners willing to allow us on speaker phone during your visit with them. If you still require in-person assistance, we will partner with one of our trusted advocates in our network close to the appointment.

about us at pillar patient advocates

The Team at Pillar Patient Advocates is as effective and efficient as they are caring and concerned. I am encouraged by the market research work they do with pharmaceutical companies.

Neuroendocrine Cancer Patient, 2023

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